7 best body sprays for men in 2018

7 best body sprays for men in 2018

Body spray is one of the essential parts of dressing that enhances the mood and make the wardrobe complete.
Not just the spray gives you pleasing smell but they intend to give you refreshing look throughout the day. Here are some best picks given for body sprays for men to use in 2018 and have ravishing look.

1. Bohemian

This is finest body spray for men mixed with fruity essence and vanilla notes.  This is the incredible body spray for men created to give all super refreshing look despite any collision with colognes. It is wonderful composition is all provocative giving masculinity an immensely great look to give men a super refreshing look despite any collision with colognes.

2. Nice Feelings Blue

The chic body spray for men is engineered with unique and fresh notes fruit essences which offer a great touch to your fragrance wardrobe. It wonderfully catches attention with its pleasant fragrance.

3. Under Cover

Designed with all natural and refreshing ingredients, under cover is the deodorant for the young men who are proactive in their social lives and incline towards greater impression in the society.
Combined with ingredients to offer fresh watery notes along with subtle white musk, this body spray for men is set to give all enthralling notes set to give a great confidence.

4. Quest

Without being overpowered via one flavor, this body spray for men is bending crisp notes of oils with a decent touch of floral notes. This expert blend makes the wonderful light and airy combination with the colognes used.


This body spray for men is carrying the underlying notes of subtle fruits which give incredibly fresh smell with a sweet blend of lemon.

6. Command

Command is a new addition in the fragrance for men symbolizing the whole fresh and sporty creation with aromatic essences of fresh grapefruit and a marine heart notes. This spray formula is created to give the vitalizing flavors giving utmost value to money spent.

7. Nice Feelings black

The extravagant body spray is a perfect mix of masculine and subtle ingredients which stretches delighted touch to personality either for in-house dressing or heading out for meetups.

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