How to wear a perfume for having long lasting fragrance?

How to wear a perfume for having long lasting fragrance?

It is not essential to pour whole perfume bottle to get lasting fragrance but this longer fragrance could be attained just by following these steps.

1. Apply perfume just after the shower

Most people are unaware of the fact that showering results in opening up of our pores through the steam. Thus applying perfume just after getting shower will lead to long-lasting fragrance on the skin throughout the day. Under this technique, pores will soak up the perfumes most efficiently and give better result regardless of every skin type.

2. Make sure to have skin moisturized

For having long lasting perfumes fragrance, it should have to be ensured that your skin is moisturized enough. The moisturized skin will soak the perfume more effectively as compared to dry skin.

3. Avoid rubbing wrists

Most people think that rubbing wrists after application of perfumes will make the fragrance stay longer. But it is not true obviously as rubbing the wrists together will fade away the smell slowly and it really breaks up the perfume. So just make sure to apply the perfume on the pulse points and leave it to dry.

4. Apply the Perfume at right points

Likewise, the point of application of perfumes should be known to have lasting fragrance. The best points to apply the scents are both pulse points of wrists and behind the ears. These point oriented applications will lead to lasting fragrance through the entire day.

5. Purchase the right perfume

Obviously, the right choice of perfume will direct you to have good smell with stronger notes. The scents carrying stronger notes will have the power to stay longest on the skin. Thus, make sure to choose the perfume possessing stronger notes and concentration to have effective and aromatic results.

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