The best way to wear a body spray

The best way to wear a body spray

Just choosing right body spray is not enough but it is vital to know the tips of wearing it rightly so that the impact could be lasting enough with cherish-able smell of your body. Here are some points stated that will let you aware of methods to wear the body spray at best.

How to wear a body mist?

  • Layer initially with lotion

In extreme summer, heat makes scent to evaporate at fast pace. In order to avoid the fading of body spray, put an unscented body lotion just before you use body spray. This layer of lotion will help body spray to stay longer and will leave you in delightful smell all day.

  • Apply thinly

Though body spray is lighter in perfumery strokes but it does not mean to put it heavily every time in a day. Use it after a bath for having the long lasting fragrance that is pleasing to everyone. The premium brand, Sapil is presenting the extravagant body sprays that are concentrated with fresh ingredients having the longer captivating impact.

  • Spray on the correct body places:

Use the body spray at right places of body like on the pulse points as they generate heat greatly.
Sapil is the incredible brand possessing oriental body sprays with sensual appeal making it worthwhile and refreshing to wear in summers or winters.  Not just body spray is enthralling but perfumery products also are created keeping in view the prehistoric heritage.

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