Top eau de parfum collection for every occasion

Top eau de parfum collection for every occasion

Ultimately scents have powerful effects and give personality an entirely new look. It is vital to choose the best eau de parfum for having the vitalized feel that can associate to people at best and generate timeless memories. This guide wills to help you find the top eau de parfum collection to wear at every occasion.

1. Solid

Sapil designed the Solid is one of the top eau de parfum having fresh and citrus notes bracing with enthusiasm through the spicy, musky and woody notes that are blended with perfection to land in hearts of perfume lovers. It is best to wear either occasionally or in professional routine to appeal the people immensely.

2. Under Cover

Another top eau de parfum is the Under Cover holding the great exotic blend of fresh ingredients that flourishes the elegance and sophistication of masculinity with an inclusive feel of energy. With the addictive spices, this fragrance is all designed to grab the attention of people through enchanting aroma captured in it.

3. Quest

This is the best eau de parfum with bergamot, lavender pineapple leaf and exotic verbena nurturing the classical touch in its notes. This perfume captivates and indulges people with impeccable blend of oak moss, rose and pomarosa along with sandalwood leaving the lasting impression within the ambiance.

4. Nice feeling black

It is packed with aromatic notes of citrus, and ambery along with the touch of woody essences. This is the classically designed best perfume for men who always search for unique and woody fragrances either in routines or for some special occasions.

5. Chichi

This is an aromatic fragrance with touch of floral, fruity and spicy notes captivating hearts of perfume wearer with a trace of adventurous zeal. Its startling mixture of musk with jasmine flawlessly gives an exceptional fragrance that could be apt to all occasions and helps exude positive vibes or feeling overall.

6. Bohemian

It is a crisp and delicate casual fragrance that is all time perfect either for occasions or everyday use while exuding masculinity. This perfume is matchlessly designed with finest ingredients of fruity and floral notes to echo the charm and happiness across the places. Its fragrance twitches with the gentle base notes of musk landed to imitate the untiring charm.

7. Consensual

Combined with alluring citrus, floral fruity and vanilla spicy notes, this eau de parfum is all set to express a woman who is profoundly attached to the life with many sentiments and soberness. It is the pleasant perfume having the orange blossoms with essences of jasmine in the heart notes entrancing women to greater extent.

8. Swinger

Sapil flawlessly created this delicious fragrance as beyond the floral fruity scents family. Its fine natural ingredients of citrus and fruity extracts engrossed with heart deeply and mesmerize the mind with happiness for long. It is suitable for either as day wearing perfume or night time sensations.


Sapil created the fragrance named as the Promise with the expert combination of subtle floral with sandal and vanilla musk creating an exclusive and enticing fragrance. It is really inspired by the charm of feminine as it is integrated with delightful top notes of bergamot, green note and heart notes of rose, violet along with base notes of sandal and vanilla musk representing the passion the women pass on in their lives.

10. Pink Nancy 

Having combined with the very essence of the synthetic ingredients, this is one of the top eau de parfum for women who enjoy expressing their feminine side. Its blend with sensuous spicy notes and amber notes is making it most sought among the ladies.

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