Bound opens with sharp fruits: making you fresh and alive and ready to take on the world. Cardamom teamed with nutmeg adds a warm presence, joined by the radiant brightness of orange flower and fougère style lavender. As the shadows grow longer, a robust base of statement perfume notes merges to tell the world who you are. Warm tonka, deep leather and golden amber add strength to your signature. Meeting you will always be an unforgettable encounter.


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Be a Leader Not a Follower
Bound for Him is a perfume for men who know how to lead in life. When he reaches for Bound, he knows that its combination of strength and presence tells the world who he is. It is complex and memorable, yet makes a statement. This is a Bound man.






9 reviews for Bound

  1. Tyrell

    My favorite clothes scent to date. It’s a dressy one that I spray on clothes for the evening. Great bottle, great price will buy this Bound perfume again.

  2. Melville

    This lasts longer when sprayed on clothes and smells stronger then. It is made for the evening, but I wear it to work with only a few quick sprays.

  3. Hafsa

    Definitely a good perfume for the festive season or for gifting someone. It’s a floral-fruity mix that’s wrapped up in a strong leather finish.

  4. Alya

    I like the way the leather mixes with the floral tones. It’s more on the stronger side, so I use 1-2 sprays only.

  5. Rahul

    A reasonably priced perfume for men. I wear it to work but make sure to use less of it. It lasts a while and has excellent packaging.

  6. Paride

    This is my pick for autumns and winters. I save big on this price and have even bought a bottle for my brother. I find that it works better when sprayed on the skin.

  7. Ameacuterico

    Currently on my second bottle of Bound perfume. I like the bottle look and the affordable pricing. I find it to be a bit warm and so use on it in autumn and colder days.

  8. Sergine

    I recommend this Bound perfume for all men out there. It is a scent that anyone can carry off. I got a great price on it, and it sits nicely on my skin, but I prefer wearing it on clothes.

  9. James Oswalt

    Amazing juice. On my second bottle. The office girls love it. Many people think it’s Armani Code Profondo because it’s in that wheelhouse and that good. Buy it and go ahead and get an extra cause it’s so good you’ll want to only use it for special occasions but at this price. Come on. No brainer. 2 please!!

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