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Sapil Solid Oud: The best oud perfume in UAE

Sapil Solid Oud: The best oud perfume in UAE

Rooted in values of culture, oud is considered as a really high valued fragrant and unique sensual material that has been cherished for so long especially among Arabs. It represents the harmony, grace and sophistication of the culture either in daily routines or at special occasions. This oud has the origin from expensive woods of the world that is the agarwood tree.
Now the transformation of oud is done vigorously through the oud perfumes and one of the best oud perfumes is Sapil solid oud.
It is the new and refreshing member of the solid family holding all charisma and style under it. Enriched with aromatic notes, this oud perfume is classical and enabling the people to relive the heritage of the culture in a breathtaking way.
It’s high-quality oud perfume developed with synthetic oud flavor giving the charming and warm feeling with captivating fragrance. It is a unisex oud perfume by Sapil style scents, possessing a warm undertone along with a smooth transcendence of leather and the animatic notes.
Having carried the notes with some fruity essences and spices, this oud fragrance represents all the sophistication in a graceful and bright way making it apt for all the occasions and throughout the day.
Sapil solid oud is the expression of the personality with luxurious and invigorating grapefruit, and iris notes that are center of attraction for oud perfume lovers as making both men and women enable to cherish their lives with positive vibes.

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