Veryl Men’s Fragrance

EDT 100 ml


Veryl for Him opens with classic fougère style lavender teamed with perfume notes of silver birch reflecting the conflict between playing it safe and playing it fast. A hint of deep purple-violet in the heart of the aroma fragrance signifies the passionate and unquenchable curiosity he has for the world. It acts as a bridge between the dynamic opening and the sober base notes, depicting his changeable character and impulsive nature. The Veryl man leaves an irresistible trail of masculine woody notes in his wake. A trace of musk gives him an unforgettable presence. His dynamism is his signature.


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Keep Them Guessing
The Veryl man is dynamic and outspoken. His impulsive nature is part of his fascination and Veryl is the scent that captures his spirit.











9 reviews for Veryl Men’s Fragrance

  1. Abd Ar-Rahman

    I used to be extra conscious while purchasing my bottle of scent. Finally, I came across this fragrance, and the very moment I inhaled the smell, I fell in love with it.

  2. Eesa

    Fragrances have the potential to capture anyone’s heart, or mind, or maybe both! The first time I went on a date, I did borrow it from one of my friends as we used to reside together. But then, my now girlfriend said that she just fell in love with the smell, and that’s when I decided to purchase a bottle as such for myself as well.

  3. Bilal

    Fragrances can always remind you of your loved ones, irrespective of your presence near them. This bottle of scent is one of the best deals that you can ever come across, and it shall remind you about that person even while he isn’t there nearby!

  4. Carmina

    Perfumes are always the most astounding gift that you can offer anyone. I was really stuck about what to gift to my finance, and finally, after a lot of research, I finally landed upon this bottle. Trust me, he says that he just loved it!

  5. Naveen

    Who said men always prefer to own strong smells? I know quite a lot of people in my list of acquaintances who love to own gentle scents. In case you are one on the latter’s list, this bottle is one for you!

  6. Collin

    Smells can catch your spirit, and I knew it ever since I started using this bottle. It gives me a kind of confidence that nothing else can actually offer!

  7. Sapil


  8. Sapil


  9. Pradip

    Looking for a gentle scent that can drive anyone crazy? This bottle is going to be your best pick once you have actually tried it! The best part is that it lasts for a really long time without any trouble.

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    Veryl Men's Fragrance
    Veryl Men's Fragrance
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