Intense Women’s Perfume

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Intense for Her is the new fragrance for women from Sapil Perfumes. Opening with a bright chorus of uplifting orange citrus and dewy green notes, Intense For Her builds to a heady and precious floral accord with rich tuberose and potent jasmine sambac. The honeysuckle notes add a sweetness that leads into a warm vanilla flourish with sensual woody nuances as the base notes deliver their long-lasting allure.
Intense is a fruity floral with a warm woody finish. It is designed for daytime wear by the modern woman who lives life to the fullest.
TOP NOTES: Orange, Green Note.
HEART NOTES: Tuberose, Jasmine Sambac, Honeysuckle.
BASE NOTES: Orris Root, Sandalwood, Vanilla.


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Like Nothing Before
Ruled by passion, she follows her heart. It’s in her eyes that sparkle and her smile that lights up the room. It’s in the way that she moves. Her unforgettable spirit captivates you as you follow, helpless in the wake of her beauty. Just one more chance to gaze upon her face. Just one more chance to drown in her eyes.
This is like nothing you ever felt before. This is Intense
Intense for Her is the new fragrance for women from Sapil Perfumes.













11 reviews for Intense Women’s Perfume

  1. Su

    I fall in love with this citrusy fragrance every day. It just works ideally to lift my mood with the freshness.

  2. Camille

    Intense for Women has become my signature perfume, and my friends get to know it’s me. Still, I cannot get over it.

  3. Ariel

    Intense for Women is a lovely fragrance that helps me stand out in the crowd. A fantastic perfume to wear in the daytime.

  4. Nasira

    Although I don’t like fruity fragrance, the Intense caught my smelling sense like no other fragrance. If you are like me, who doesn’t like fruity smells, try this one to change your mind

  5. Kim

    I bought this on my friend’s recommendation and thanked God I did. Now, this has become my favorite perfume, and I carry it everywhere I travel.

  6. Nilam

    Intense for Women is a perfume that comes in a beautiful pink 100ml bottle. It is perfect for every modern woman like us, who live life with love and passion.

  7. Lamont

    It is a perfume I have been looking for for so long. Ultimately, I found a perfume that has a subtle floral and fruity note and a hint of warm woody finish.

  8. Fizza

    I am an ardent wearer of Intense perfume since the time my boyfriend gifted me. It is a nice blend of fruity top note and floral heart note with a woody finish

  9. Sapil


  10. Olly

    If you are looking for a perfume that delivers a strong and fantastic smell, you must buy Intense for Women. I am using this every day.

  11. Maryah

    This particular perfume smells luxurious. I wear this every day at my office and after-parties as it delivers a long-lasting temptation.

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